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Sheltered By The King by Marta Gabre-Tsadick

Sheltered by the King is the eyewitness account of the intrigue that toppled Ethiopia, the oldest Christian nation on earth- a prophetic portrait of what can happen when a society fails to correct its social and economic ills.  It is also the very personal, tender and dramatic story of a family whose world collapsed- a family marked for death. The protecting hand of their emperor was gone, the borders were closed and one of their children was desperately ill.  Somewhere, maybe over the next hill, well-armed soldiers were hunting them. In these suspense filled pages, you will learn with Marta to:

  • trust God alone when security of family, home, job, and government has vanished
  • be faithful faithful in small things, so God can raise you to greater things
  • stand fast in the face of evil, violence, and corruption- to "do what you can and leave the outcome to God"
  • discover your untapped strengths and resources

This spine-tingling true story of how a family discovered God's never-failing protection will leave you amazed and changed.

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